Why People Choose Subarus

The Story behind the Fastest Growing Auto manufacturer

People love Subaru. From the Impreza STI to the Outback, the people who buy from the brand seem to be more intensely loyal that the fans of almost any other manufacturer. If you haven’t owned one, you may not understand why they are so popular. These are a few of the reasons that the Japanese automaker has captured the hearts of so many.

All-Wheel Drive

Perhaps the most significant draw of Subaru is the all-wheel drive. With the exception of the BRZ sports coupe, every Subaru model has an all-wheel-drive system. You can easily take on a wide range of weather and even some off-road terrain in just about any model.


An incredible 97 percent of Subarus sold in the past decade are still on the road. If you follow the Subaru maintenance schedule carefully, you can count on driving your car for many years to come.


Subaru has repeatedly won Kelly Blue Book’s “Most Trusted Brand” award. Clearly, the people buying from Subaru feel like they are getting what they paid for. Many consumers are less trusting of the brands they buy from today. So, achieving this mark is a significant accomplishment.


Most Subaru models offer significant practicality. For example, the very popular Crosstrek has plenty of cargo room while maintaining a reasonable size that is usable in the city.

First in Owner Satisfaction

The American Customer Satisfaction Index has ranked Subaru first amongst its peers for owner satisfaction. Evidently, the love for Subaru is widespread and consistent.


Many people buy Subarus because they can be a lot of fun. The WRX, STI, and BRZ are particularly notable as enjoyable and accessible sports cars. However, the entire line can offer miles of smiles with peppy motors and off-road capability.

Keep Your Subaru Running Perfectly

If you want to keep your Subaru on the roads and running optimally for many years to come, bring it to Toy-Auto Masters in Englewood, Colorado. We offer Subaru repair and maintenance services. You can visit us at our convenient location on South Broadway or schedule an appointment online. We are looking forward to helping you with all your automotive needs.

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