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Comprehensive Honda Service

At Toy-Auto Masters in Englewood, Colorado, we have the skill, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to service any and every Honda model you may have. Our service advisors take the time to evaluate your vehicle and determine what exactly is going on. With that information in hand, they craft a custom service plan that our ASE Certified technicians can use to properly service your vehicle. They’ll utilize our state-of-the-art vehicle bays and years of experience servicing Honda vehicles to ensure your Honda is performing at peak performance. Speak with our service advisors by giving us a call or visiting our shop and learn how we can get your Honda on the road once more!

Problems to Look Out For

Although we recommend all our customers visit us for a routine repair & maintenance service, we also understand that life gets in the way. Whether it’s a busy work schedule or a prior commitment, it can be difficult to dedicate time for auto service. That’s why it’s important for vehicle owners to know the signs of vehicle wear-and-tear or failure, as this allows you to get ahead of a problem before it worsens. Here are a few trouble signs you should look out for.

Rough Shifts

A problem that some Honda’s have, especially the 2005 – 2010 Accord models, is the transmission system. If you suspect problems in your transmission system, pay attention to how the system is responding to your commands. Is there a rumble when shifting from “Park” to “Drive?” Do you feel as if the system is falling out of gear? Something may be going on with your transmission system if so, and we recommend service with us as soon as possible before the issue worsens!

Oil Leaks

Another issue to look out for is oil leaks. This can happen to many vehicles but tends to occur a little more frequently in Accords. When looking for an oil leak, utilize the dipstick found in the engine. When checking the level, the oil stains on the dipstick should be at or right below the “Full” mark. If it’s in the middle, at the “Low” mark, or below it, your vehicle will require more oil. Along with this, also check the components around the oil housing and right underneath your vehicle. If you see oil in any of these places, it’s a good indicator that your Honda is suffering from an oil leak.

We’re Ready to Help You

At Toy-Auto Masters in Englewood, Colorado, we’re uniquely equipped to handle any repair & maintenance needs your Honda vehicle may have. Our shop comes staffed with top tier automotive professionals and equipped with genuine Honda components that ensure by the end of your visit, your vehicle performs exactly the way you want it to or better. We know you’ll love the way your vehicle looks, feels, and performs by the end of your visit. Have questions about our services? Want to schedule an appointment? Give us a call at 303-730-7052 and speak with one of our service advisors today! If you’re in the area, stop by our shop and we’ll happily help you in person. We’re located on 4450 South Broadway.

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