It’s Reliable with Faults

Accelerate with Caution>/h2>

The Subaru Outback is a distinguished automobile that is recognized by its owners as being highly reliable with exceptional build quality and odometer longevity. Drivers who participate in surveys acknowledge the Subaru Outback handles well in all weather conditions and is a joy to drive. The Outback’s all-wheel drive, good power, and fuel economy lead the way with driver reviews.

When you want an independent review of your Subaru Outback call Toy-Auto Masters in Englewood CO 303-730-7052 and set up an appointment to have one of their experts perform a vehicle inspection. If you’re in the area and are experiencing any problems with your Subaru Outback just pull into our shop 4450 South Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113.

Any vehicle will experience automotive issues sometime during the life cycle. Some vehicles encounter a higher-than-expected repair cycle by driving habits and where the vehicle is driven. One of the drawbacks the Outback may experience is a turbocharger problem which reduces power. The turbocharger is one strong aspect to what makes this vehicle tick. It could leak from a head gasket or seals inside the engine to reduce oil flow to the turbocharger.

Anti-lock braking issues are a top concern for any driver. If you can’t stop, or skid to a stop, danger awaits. On this note, the Outback may have a defective control module that may require you to replace the entire ABS system on a specific wheel. The year to watch for a control module malfunction is 2017. Remember, Toy-Auto Masters knows the years of recalls.

If you love to accelerate, the Outback may disappoint. Outbacks are known to have torque converter problems. The outside wheels spin faster than the inside wheels. This leads to vibrations and a disturbing noise that alerts any driver of trouble.

The Outback is known for cooling problems. Faulty water pumps reduce coolant flow which makes the engine run hot which can damage the head gasket. Drivers must keep a close eye on coolant levels and the temperature gauge, especially in summer months.

Another circulation problem the Outback is known for is a faulty oil pump seal leak. The oil pump circulates oil throughout the engine to reduce friction and internal temperatures. The seals may develop cracks or fail which allows oil to pass through.

Additional concerns for the Subaru Outback are head gasket issues, oxygen sensors that are cracked, rough running, oil leaks, and faulty or damaged seals. If you have a leak, it’s imperative you have your Subaru looked at immediately to avoid serious damage to the vehicle you love.

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