Fun facts about Subaru

Subaru vehicles have a unique reputation in the auto world.

They’re the rugged performance vehicles that also have consistent comforts for the drivers who like road trips. The undisputed fact about Subarus is that once someone owns a Subaru, they tend to stick with that brand for life. There’s something about how their vehicles are just different from the common people movers available today. Here are a few of our favorite traits of Subaru vehicles and how they can offer more than just a driving experience!

The Boxer Engine:

Unlike the common engine with vertical thrusting pistons, the Boxer engine in each Subaru has horizontal thrusting pistons to output energy directly to the transmission. This means first that it is a more efficient transfer of energy, but also that the transfer involves fewer moving parts that are susceptible to damage.

All All-Wheel Drive:

Every single Subaru is AWD. As a manufacturer, they made a decision that All Wheel Drive was the superior and safer drive option and produce only vehicles with that capability. This means every Subaru will keep you safe on dirt trails, snowy highways, and wet, muddy backroads.

60 Year History:

Subaru has been a consistent producer of quality vehicles for over 60 years now. A company that can sell steadily in different countries, different markets, and different centuries is definitely doing something right!


Not only has the company been around for a long time, Subarus themselves stay on the road longer than other vehicles. Of the Subarus built in the last 12 years, 96% are still on the road. This indicates not only that the vehicles are built well, but that maintenance costs aren’t so high that people scrap the car for a new one at the first sign of trouble. A Subaru is a car that will stay with you.

At Toy-Auto Masters, we always enjoy seeing a Subaru come into the shop, though we aren’t often needed for help with such reliable vehicles. For a car that will get you around Englewood, Colorado and as far as you want to go, a Subaru may be the best option for you. Our technicians are always available to discuss vehicles and answer your questions. Give us a call the next time you are researching vehicles and let us lend our expertise: 303-730-7052.

By on May 17th, 2021 in Subaru Repair